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Tickets for 12 Minutes Max Spokane Spring are on sale now! 


Come See New Works by DE Dance Ensemble, Allegria, Emily Grizzell, Olga Loktev, Karla Parbon, Rachael Rossbach, Mara Neary, CarliAnn Forthun Bruner, and Monica Mota


When: Wednesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 16th at 7:30 pm

Where: Vytal Movement Dance Space, 7 S. Howard Street

12 Minutes Max Spokane is a performance lab that seeks to foster new and experimental work by artists based in the Inland Northwest Region. Artists present 12 minutes or less of material, while the audience gets the opportunity to be the first to see new works and works-in-progress. These works can range from performance art to dance, and screen dance to experimental theater.


12 Minutes Max was first developed by On the Boards in Seattle in 1981. There are now similar programs in Vancouver, B.C., Bellingham, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Houston. This model has served as the jumping-off point for many new works of art.

This opportunity is an informal showcase of contemporary and experimental performance works in dance, theater, music and multimedia that  provides a platform for artists to showcase 12 minutes of material supported by limited technical elements.

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